I understand that Kinja has a long way to go, and the massive amount of work that has been put into it has been behind the scenes. It's a massive undertaking however it's the only thing that will keep Gawker Media growing and thriving in the future past its eight core brands. However, while all of this backend work has been happening other companies and platforms have been eating Kinja's lunch and stealing consumer and brand growth. Here are three major reasons why and some helpful suggestions on what to do about it.

1. Kinja isn't sexy, it's actually dorky as hell. What is with all these tiny images and links? It looks like an ugly tech forum. Why would I want to promote my writing on Kinja when I can promote it on Medium and have it look so much better? Redesign it with a proper product and design team.

2. Stop trying to perfect commenting, it's not going to happen. Besides, Reddit already did it. Forget the stars, just have up and down arrows and have it community moderated. Reddit has the best anonymous commenting section in the world, I know you've heard about it because many of the articles that show up on Gawker I already saw on Reddit a day or two before. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and just execute best practices.

3. You can have any color Kinja you'd like, as long as it's gray. Seriously it's almost 2015 and you can't change the colors of a blog? How are you going to convince brands like Coke or Nike to come over and stay if they can't make their Kinja look like their brand. See: Tumblr